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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D/4D Ultrasound

Learn more about the innovative ultrasound imaging we provide at Precious Glance. We use the latest and best in ultrasound equipment to give you the finest images available. Feel free to call us for information .
What Is Ultrasound Imaging?
Ultrasound technology uses high frequency sound waves. The waves bounce off tissue and return to the ultrasound machine at different frequencies, depending on the density of the tissue. Our ultrasound machine is a highly specialized computer that translates the returning sound waves into images for viewing on its computer monitor. Our machine is an FDA-approved ultrasound machine.

What's the Difference between 2D and 4D Imaging?
2D, 3D, and 4D are trademarked terminology used in the industry to distinguish the different types of pictures and videos that can be provided.

•2D ultrasounds are the traditional black-and-white ultrasounds you have probably seen before. The pictures show the skeletal structure (outline) of the baby. You also get to see the baby moving in 2D! This is the type of ultrasound that was probably used for your diagnostic ultrasound. It is still the best technology for gathering measurements of the baby and ensuring that the baby is developing as expected.

•3D shows the tissue of the baby, which is more like real pictures. We can see the roundness of the baby's face, the shape of the nose, and the contours of the lips. The color is actually not the color of the baby—it is computer enhanced to make the pictures more appealing. We can show the baby in sepia, blue, or red.

•4D shows the tissue of the baby - as the baby is moving. This will provide moving clips of your baby in action! The 4D video clips of your baby are similar to the 3D pictures - but moving!

When Is the Best Time to Have an Ultrasound Performed?
We can perform an ultrasound at any time during the pregnancy, but the best 3D/4D imaging results are generally acquired between 25 and 32 weeks. We recommend 27 or 28 weeks, if at all possible. Very late in the pregnancy, the baby gets very crowded and it is difficult to view the face. You must be at least 16 weeks to determine gender.

Do I Need Consent from My Doctor?
Yes. You must be under the care of a license physician. Your doctor will have to sign a consent form or prescription for an ultrasound. We advise you to speak with your doctor before you schedule your appointment.

When Will I Receive the Pictures and Video?
All your keepsake items will be ready for you to take with you! The DVD is a video recording of your entire session. We film the entire session so you don't miss anything. We want you to get to see the baby yawn, stretch, and hiccup!

Will We Be Able to Tell if the Baby Is a Girl or a Boy?
We are happy to check gender, and this service is included in all of our packages. We prefer to check gender after the baby reaches 16 weeks. Gender determination cannot be guaranteed, however, since we must rely on the cooperation of the baby and several other factors outside our control. But, if you are at least 16 weeks along and we can't tell the baby's gender, we will bring you back for free!

Do I Need to Have a Full Bladder?
No, you do not have to have a full bladder during the session, but the more hydrated your body is, the more transparent the amniotic fluid and the clearer the pictures. Being well hydrated can greatly improve the clarity of the 3D/4D pictures. We advise you to drink more water a few days before your scheduled appointment.

Will My Insurance Pay for the Appointment?
No, the elective ultrasounds are not based on medical necessity.

Can I Bring Anyone with Me to Watch the Ultrasound?
Absolutely. Our studio rooms are large enough to accommodate several family members and friends. Bring everyone and anyone you want! Do I Need an Appointment? Yes. Please call the office to schedule your appointment.